Wednesday, June 13, 2007


This morning I attended the session on AJAX and DOJO (OC10). It was beyond packed. Every available seat and place on the floor was taken. That should really be a sign of peoples interest in the subject.

The session was presented well, we got to see source code, and there was a lot of information on how this can integrate with other things. They were good about pointing out the limitations of the technology, as well as providing tips on its use. There was also a fairly good discussion about accessibility and section 508 compliance.

I was hoping to bring up a little more technical detail but there really wasn't time (of course, I also wanted to shamelessly plug my dojo tutorials).

Really, the only thing lacking was, I would have preferred to see more live demos than screen shots of web browsers. Ahh, just another demonstration of how evil powerpoint is in a presentation.


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