Sunday, June 10, 2007

IBM Rational Conference

Today started the IBM Rational Conference. This is my chance to expand my knowledge in the menagerie of IBM and Rational tools. Granted, most I probably won't use later but, its always good to know whats out there.

Today, didn't get into too much. Mostly registration and Partner stuff.
I did get into a session on IT Governance. It was pretty informative, if dry and slow. I have a bit to learn in this area. I tend to think that most of it should be common sense but, in most big orgs, common sense becomes a rarity.

There was also a little session giving an overview of the developerWorks site. Not much new, since I am a regular visitor. Though, I did learn they are starting a 'Spaces' sections. Think myspace for geeks. Oh, wait...

The afternoon was taken up with Business Driven Development. Some of the tools are pretty cool but, I can't help to think that they would serve better in a systems engineering environment better than a software development environment. Then again, I think everybody knows my feelings on tool generated code (if you have it, at least put it out of the way).

There was a good discussion of SOA. So, I should add my personal definition to the mix.
SOA, noun - Interface Driven Design exploited. Aren't we really just doing IDD and spreading the parts around a network?

Maybe, the real problem is, I don't get why everybody thinks EJBs and web services are so hard. There are a lot of parts but, it isn't really difficult.

Now, that I've braved the hail and rain, its off to the reception. A cold beer would be great right about now.

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