Sunday, December 10, 2006

Trends and Future of Java

This one is useful for me because I am always wrong about what the next big thing is.
Random notes (I'll clean this up, or delete, later):

OO = nouns and verbs
AO = adverbs and adjectives

POJO triangle:
DI, Aspects, @Annotations

Community returning to OO, POJO (J2EE seemed to be a swing away from OO).

Domain Driven Design
Make the domain reflect real world concepts; focus on the domain. Collaborate with business owners. (isn't this one of the tenets of Agile?)
Domain Specific Languages
Adding domain concepts to the language instead of libraries and frameworks.

Ruby for DSL?
Grails -> Spring/Hibernate/SiteMesh

JSR-170 Content Repository API for Java
Follow-up 12/12: I've been playing with Apache Jackrabbit (the reference implementation) a little bit since the conference. There is some documenation, though not too much. This is basically a very low level API that a content management system may be built on top of. I'll probably rework my site to use it in the next few days. I'll also publish the results. I get the feeling that some work needs to be done in order to discover the best practices for this.

JPA: Hibernate, OpenJPA, Kodo

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