Saturday, December 09, 2006

Finished for the Day

I just finished the "Rapid Fire Session" about building search with Compass.
I am dead tired. Its 11:30.
The session went well. I first, I'm thinking, just use Lucene and get it over with; its not that hard. But, then I saw a little more of what Shay was trying to accomplish with Compass. Its pretty cool how it can sit between the data access layer to keep the search index up to date as data changes.
He also exposes the underlying Lucene API so you can get stupid if you need to. The use of annotations with the system and managing different data types makes a lot of sense.
I think that initial setup make take a little while, mostly to become familiar with the configuration. But, code maintenance would be greatly improved using the Compass API compared with using Lucene by itself.
Very commendable work.

I think it time for bed now. Tomorrow starts bright and early.
After all the hotel food, I'm ready for a beer and a pizza :)
maybe Monday :-P

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