Friday, December 08, 2006

Power, power

The conference is becoming a bit of an exercise in laptop battery management now.
Run lightly, suspend often, grab a couple of minutes charge when I can :)
The Spring/DWR Ajax stuff was pretty good. Lots of techniques to keep the code under control.
Even had some usage of It had the standard web store demo, with a finale where google maps is used to show "live" tracking of a package en-route.

One of the good things about this presentation, it was very clear that Bram Smeets is an 'in the trenches' developer. Discussions were like just talking to a fellow dev.

I suspect a lot of dangerous code will be written based on that session.
The security aspect was pretty brief. But, since DWR basically runs out of a servlet, it should be clear what to do.

I swear, I've got to write a mailet for my James email server to catch emailed photos from my phone. This, email to self and scp to the server is starting to get old quick.

Break area:

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