Friday, December 08, 2006

Fundamentals Downs

Wow! Lots of great information, almost too much too fast. Almost ;)
I'm going to have to do some homework from my notes.

Two types of dependency injection, constructor and setter.
Answer to which to use? What do you get an 80 year man for his birthday?
Setters have more meta-data, constructor is always guaranteed.
Ben Hale suggested the hybrid approach. If you absolutely gotta have it, go with the constructor method. Otherwise, use the setter method for the additional meta data.

Saw the latest SpringIDE plugins to Eclipse. I'm impressed.
He covered a lot of the philosophy of writing all the code in POJOs and using enterprise decorators to make the good stuff.

I love the suggestions in the stack traces in 2.0, too sweet.
Got quick intro to EasyMock, I admit I've known of it but, never really used it.

The AbstractDependencyInjectionSpringContextTests class for integration testing. Very cool, even if the name is too long. It'll be better than our old method for those types of tests.
AOP * proxy endpoints for EJBs, whats not to love?

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