Tuesday, June 12, 2007

XForms Mojo

I visited what was probably the best presentation in a session on XForms. It was presented by Doug Tidwell, of XSLT fame. It was entertaining and informative.
I was able to find my answer to what is being sent over http during a submission, HTTP PUT. But, since it is a parameter I'm sure get and post are also supported.

One really interesting usage is creating a custom editor for an XML file. The file itself can be used to generate the XFORM.

One of the demos had to perfect circle:
XForm -> XML -> XSLT -> XForm ..........

This has me think, if I can find a java based renderer for xforms, then I could make a universal XML editor as an Eclipse plugin. Considering the amount of xml we have to deal with in the J2EE world, there could be a lot of potential for such a tool.

http://formfaces.com (uses javascript to interpret xforms in non-compliant (read all) browsers)
http://chiba.sourceforge.net/ (a standard implementation for the server, with HTML fallback)
http://www.orbeon.com/ (extension of Chiba, to make common things easier)

To Investigate:
XForms / Struts integration
- custom tags?
- chiba?
Eclipse Plugin
- with formfaces?


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At 14 June, 2007 03:48, Blogger Joern said...

Please let me know if you'd like to work with Chiba. We're happy to help. An Eclipse plugin would definitely be an interestng project. You may join our mailing list at http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=20274
-Chiba Admin-


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