Tuesday, June 12, 2007

ClearQuest and FIT

I stopped in for a session on testing ClearQuest with FIT. I was actually planning to attend a different session but, FIT caught my eye.
Although, I'm not a ClearQuest user, the info was really good. I was impressed with the way he wrote a little erl server to allow his Java processes to communicate with the ClearCase server. I think many would have written some JNI code (and suffered) instead.

One of the tools used was FitRunner. This is an Eclipse plug-in to run the FIT test cases (html files). I tried to install the plug-in during the session but, apparently, its broken for Eclipse 3.2.2. Checking in the sourceforge forum, I saw that there was an issue with version 3.2.1 so, its probably a library issue. I'll download the source, and make a patch any day.

I had a little discussion with the Sephen Czenszak, the presenter, about using Selenium to cover the web front end testing. I'll also post up a little demo of driving Selenium from FIT in a day or two also.

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