Monday, June 25, 2007

Adobe Photoshop Album Highjacker

Its rare that I care to mention software that puts me in a bad mood. But, I must say, Adobe's latest as set me off.

Today, Acrobat gave me a little message that it needs to be upgraded. Little did I know, it decided to bring a friend along. That friend is Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition. A wonderful little program that I neither want, nor asked for.

The best part is, every time I plug in a USB drive, its launched and wastes my time while scanning for things it can open.

Installing extra software is bad, making it interrupt my work is just seriously uncool. At least I can un-install without a reboot. It is rare I say anything about Adobe, and I usually cast them in a positive light. This move changes the stance from bouquets to brickbats.


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At 25 June, 2007 15:17, Anonymous Daniel Fisla said...

Hi Paul.

It's been a while, good to see your site is up and running.


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