Sunday, December 23, 2007

Getting Equinox Ready for Prime Time, First Steps

I'm looking at getting Equinox ready for a server, as mentioned in a previous post.

The way I see it, there are some first steps that need to be addressed.
  • Create startup/shutdown scripts (live in /etc/init.d for safe (clean) starting and stopping

  • Create a means to connect an Equinox console to a running instance, to deploy (or un-deploy) bundles, without restarting.

  • Ensure the above can be done securely
Maybe these have been addressed but, all my Googling has shown to be fruitless.

Maybe these have been addressed but, I feel like I've already spent more time searching for a solution than if I had just written it myself. Sometimes, I wonder if this is why we find so many re-implementations of problems in the open source world.

Update: I just had a random thought, maybe using JMX instead of a remote console would be a better means to (un)deploy bundles in a running Equinox...

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