Monday, December 10, 2007

Bluetooth Headphones on Kubuntu (Dell Inspiron 1520)

A little update on the Laptop.

I picked up a nice set of Bluetooth headphones (Motorola S805). I needed some phones and I'm sick of cables everywhere (the Inspiron has built-in Bluetooth).

I added a post on my main site about how I configured Kubuntu to work with my Bluetooth headphones. Though a bit tricky, it wasn't too hard to get them working.

Now, I need to get a Bluetooth adapter for my Sansa for the airplane :-)

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At 07 January, 2009 03:25, Anonymous Niall Parker said...

Did you ever get the microphone working on the S805 ? While I can get the audio output working pretty quick with the default Ubuntu 8.04 install, getting the microphone input is proving frustrating, googling turns up a bunch of older tips which don't seem to work (outdated by bluez ?)


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