Monday, December 10, 2007

Spring Experience 2007

It's that time of year again. I'm getting ready to attend the Spring Experience conference.

Last year's was completely awesome. I learned sooo much and was completely worn out. There's nothing as good as crashing completely exhausted from learning so much.

Trying to decide which sessions to attend is always the hardest part. There are so many cases where I want to attend several simultaneously.

Here's my itinerary so far:

Thursday, 13 December

Five Aspects You Don't Know About
What's New in Spring 2.5?
Task-Focused Programming with Eclipse Mylyn
The State of the Art in Dependency Injection
Rapid Fire: The Coherence Data Grid

Friday, 14 December

AspectJ for Spring Developers
Focusing Enterprise Java Development: Mylyn and Spring IDE
Scale Out Your Spring Applications in 3 Simple Steps
Spring Web Flow Hidden Gems

Saturday, 15 December

Architecture Enforcement with AspectJ and Other Tools
Rich Web Forms
Spring OSGi Update
From "Hello World" to Real World : Building Web Apps with Spring OSGi

Lots of good stuff. I'm really looking forward to the OSGi presentations. I've got a feeling that OSGi may be the wave of the future for enterprise development. I expect the Mylyn to be good to. I want to get Mylyn running at work but, first I've got to build a connector to the very old version of Bugzilla we use.

I recently upgraded a project from Spring 2.0 to 2.5 so, I'm looking forward to learning about what other things I can do with it.

I'll keep updating the blog as the events progress.

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