Monday, January 31, 2005

Variation on Double-checked locking

The problems with the double checked locking idom are documented here.

I propose the following as a variation when it can't be refactored in other ways. I still need to investigate if this variation actually protects from pipeline optimization.

public class HeavySingleton {

private static HeavySingleton instance;
private static Object lock = new Object();

* Only permit instance access via factory method(s).
private HeavySingleton() {

public static HeavySingleton instance() {
if (instance == null) {
synchronized (lock) {
// Does this protect from parallelism?
HeavySingleton temp = instance;
if (temp == null) {
temp = new HeavySingleton();
instance = temp;
return instance;

Other options:

  • if a class is always going to be used, then lazy instantiation is really pointless

  • create a factory class with synchronized methods

  • if this is an early optimization, and premature optimization is the root of all evil...


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